SafetyVisor is an easy-to-use computer vision and IoT sensor based solution designed to help keep employees & customers safe. Built on our past success with safety gear compliance, the solution has been updated to address emerging needs in the post-COVID world.

The entire solution is lightweight, extendable and easily hooks into your existing camera feeds and wireless sensors with no special training necessary.

AI Powered

SafetyVisor uses state-of-the-art IoT and Machine Learning systems from Amazon Web Services to provide enterprise grade performance, scalability and security in a low-cost package. The goal is to help companies adhere to safety guidelines using visible cues, audible alerts, traffic heat maps and predictive analytics.


Mask Detection

With an expanded definition of PPE, monitor if customers or employees are wearing recommended masks or face coverings. The system include real-time notifications.


Social Distancing

Monitor and calculate the space between people to estimate distance. Combine this with Mask Detection to create sophisticated alerting rules and avoid violations.


Guided Cleaning

Track traffic over time to create heatmaps for data-driven sanitization for high-traffic areas. You can easily integrate these alerts into your ticketing system.


Crowd Control

Detect & count people within a pre-defined zone for compliance. The system generates notifications in addition to visible and audio alerts to prevent violations.


Anonymous Mode

SafetyVisor provides a one-click setting to blur faces in all alerts and stored images. Additional option to blur other specific signage and objects is Coming Soon.


Compliance Assistant

Automatic generation of reports to track improvements along with historical analysis, compliance details including detailed logs, video & image backups.


AI at Edge

Fully functional without internet to analyze feeds and create alerts. The system can cache the results locally and sync to the cloud or fallback on cellular networks.


Existing Hardware

Leverage existing investments by connecting to your existing camera feeds. System calibration will compensate for majority of angles or glares in your current setup.


Powered by AWS

Leverage the world's largest cloud platform to securely communicate, get alerts, do advanced analytics and handle any unexpected spikes in your environment.

Additional Add-Ons

Following add-ons are available to extend the functionality of SafetyVisor. Please contact us if you wish to integrate additional sensors or create custom computer vision models.


Safety Gear

Computer Vision models to detect if people are wearing safety gear to gauge compliance on factory floor or construction site in real time.


Thermal Monitoring

Add an IR camera to include thermal monitoring capabilities in existing workflows & compliance flows within SafetyVisor.


Air Quality

Add an air quality monitoring system to monitor & trigger ventilation systems to improve air quality in enclosed spaces.

How Do I Get Started

We have designed the solution from the ground up to integrate into existing hardware, or be easily deployed alongside new hardware.

Site Survey

Connect & Calibrate

Yay & Done!


Many of our customers are able to deploy SafetyVisor in under a day. For larger rollouts, we provide prescriptive guidance and hands-on assistance so customers have one less thing to worry about.

Day 2

Site Survey

Our team performs a site survey to determine the number of cameras and compute units you have or may need. If needed, we also help with device selection. This helps us provide a firm timeline, milestones and price.

This is also the phase where we onboard any facilities or support partners who may need to integrate our data with other systems.

Day 4

Connect & Calibrate

We integrate camera feeds into our solution and calibrate for distance, angles, glares to ensure high accuracy. At the end of this you have a working system.


Calibrate (Optional)

For complex setups, we may run the system for another day to gather additional data to train our algorithms.

Day 5

Configure & Test

We configure alert thresholds, recipients and mechanisms for maximum adherence. A cloud dashboard allows users to view historical data and root cause analysis.

After Go-Live


Make the solution your own by integrating into other systems to control lighting, trigger alarms, generate cleaning tickets, etc.



Updated Machine Learning models, enhanced reporting and other updates are all provided at no extra cost.



Got questions? We’ve got answers.
If you have some other questions, feel free to contact us.

How much does this cost?

We provide transparent pricing directly linked to the number of camera feeds being processed. The solution includes white glove installation and full support with flexible pricing.

What's the cost of onsite install?

The onsite site-survey, installation and calibration are all included in the price of the solution.

Is hardware included in the price?

The subscription includes ruggedized Intel and NVIDIA hardware capable of processing up to 24 video streams. We also provide competitive pricing for IoT sensors and cameras, and can also tap into any existing feeds.

How frequently are the ML models updated?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been updating the ML models once a week. We plan to stabilize the updates to a monthly cadence as the use cases and environments stabilize.

How soon can I get this?

Customers who have existing cloud storage for their video feeds can use the solution right away. Customers who need additional cameras or edge compute options will require a site survey which can begin within a weeks notice.

What support options do I have?

White glove install and customer support is provided to all our customers as part of the solution.

What integrations are available?

The solution includes robust API's and message queues for seamless integration into ServiceNow, Salesforce and SAP. Additional systems can be easily integrated using our open API standards.

What type of internet connection do I need?

Fully functional without internet to analyze feeds and create alerts. The system can cache the results locally and sync to the cloud or fallback on cellular networks.

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